About Kyplex Cloud Security

Kyplex Cloud Security is a service of Kyplex Ltd., developed to protect your on-line assets from viruses and malware. Kyplex offers a number of security services provided over the Internet for website owners, including:

  • Website Security Scanner
  • Website Antivirus
  • Snapshot - Website and Database Backup
  • Cloud Security Seal

Kyplex History

Kyplex evolved from a popular website security scanning service known as ZeroDayScan, initiated in 2009. In 2011, responding to our customer's demands for additional security services, the founders of ZeroDayScan formed a new company - Kyplex - dedicated to protecting the websites of small-to-medium size businesses, at affordable prices.

Kyplex offers a popular cloud security seal service, with which website owners can build customer confidence and improve conversion rates by displaying the cloud security seal.

Example for Cloud Seals

About the Founders

Yuli Stremovsky

Yuli is an IT security expert with extensive experience in Internet and database security, and in forensic information recovery. He consults on a broad range of security topics for leading financial institutions, telecommunications companies, and health service organizations.

Prior to his work with Kyplex, Yuli served as the VP R&D of GreenSQL, a database security company, and a forensics security expert with RSA, the security division of EMC. Yuli holds a bachelor's degree in Programming and Industrial Management.

Maoz Etziony

Maoz is an algorithms and data security expert with vast experience in the fields of real-time systems, data modeling, and Internet security.

Prior to founding Kyplex, Maoz provided freelance software consultation services for a variety of clients, including Visware, Eshet Eilon, and Motorola. Maoz holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.