Service features

Multiple databases supported

Kyplex Snapshot supports backup and recovery functionality for multiple databases. It can perform MySql backup and recovery, Postgresql backup and recovery, and MS SQL Server backup and recovery operations.

Easy installation

You do not need to install anything on your database server. Kyplex Snapshot connects to your database server directly over the Internet and backups all required data. You just need to provide the credentials needed to get read access to your database. Kyplex Snapshot will require write access permission only if you need to restore your data.

SSH Tunneling

If your database server is protected by the firewall or your database server allows only local connections, Kyplex backup service can tunnel database access request using SSH protocol. You can do this for your MySQL or PostgreSQL. Microsoft SQL Server support will be released in the future.

Content Diff

In addition, using the built in file versioning mechanism and interactive diff, you can actually see what records were really changed in your database and apply to your database only required changes.

Easy Restoration

Using the Kyplex management you can easily select individual tables or specific snapshot to restore the whole database. Everything is done in automatic way.

Daily backups

By default, Kyplex makes daily snapshots of your database. Our system saves back backups for your database for 1 week (7 backups). In case you need to recover the whole database or just one table you can easily do it using the Kyplex management console.

Database Compression

We backup and compress your database to reduce disk size. This method allows us to save space and host more versions of your files. As a result you pay less for more backups!

Backup File Format

It is pure SQL format. Each table is stored in distinct SQL file. For example you can simply download specific file and run the SQL queries from it to recover a table.

Additional Services

In addition to website and database backup service, Kyplex offers the following services:

  • Website Antivirus.
  • Security Seal.
  • Security Scanner.