Kyplex Cloud Security Questions and Answers

How much time does it take to scan a website?

On average it takes about half an hour to scan most web-sites. If the website is small, it can take as little as 10 minutes. If your website is large, it can take several hours to complete the website scan.

Is it possible to pause or stop the scan once it has begun?

You can pause an existing scan by clicking on pause in security scanner section for your domain in the dashboard. You can always continue a paused scan or start a new one.

Can I use an IP address for testing?

You can ask the system to scan the IP address. You must make sure to submit it using the right format. For example: . Change to the IP address of your website.

Do you support HTTPS?

Yes, the scanner can scan HTTPS sites. You just need to provide a correct HTTPS URL. For example:

Can you scan only a specific sub-directory on my website?

Kyplex Security Scanner can be configured to scan only specific directories. In order to specify directories to scan, sign in to your management account, click on the "Settings" button near the desired site name, and configure it there.

Why do I have to create the kyplex.txt on my website?

Our scanner checks for the existence of this file in order to verify that you are the legitimate and legal owner of the target website and/or you have permission to perform the scan. Otherwise, anyone could scan any website on the Internet through our service. Our scanner software finds security vulnerabilities and it is important that only legitimate people get the reports.

Do you support login authentication?

Kyplex web security scanner supports HTTP authentication as well as form based authentication. In order to specify HTTP user and password, or in order to record a login sequence for form based authenication, visit the "Settings" page for the requested domain in dashboard.

Why isn't a new domain scanned immediately after it is submitted?

By default, the scans of all the new domains are scheduled to start within an hour. We have this delay in order to give all the new customers enough time to perform site configuration in advance. For example: configure the configuration schedule, record authentication credentials, or specify specific directories to scan. All these features can be configured by visiting the "Settings" page for the new website on the dashboard.

Why can't I scan a project on my local computer?

Kyplex cannot scan the localhost domain because it is not accessible from the Internet. The same holds for the IP address. You need to upload your website to an Internet domain, or provide the scanner with an IP address which can be accessed over the Internet.