Kyplex Snapshot

Every day, Kyplex Snapshot backs up your website, building a mirror image of the site, and storing it on our cloud-based server. When Kyplex Website Antivirus discovers a virus infection or other malware on your site, just go to Snapshot and restore yesterday's backup. No need to rebuild the site! Just restore the image with a single click.

Kyplex Snapshot is modular and flexible:

  • Restore what you need - from a single file or table, to the entire web site.
  • Snapshot lets you compare between file and table versions so you can see what has changed.
  • Kyplex stores seven daily backups for your website.

Kyplex Snapshot, like all of Kyplex's website security services, is operated from the cloud. How does your company benefit?

  • Independent and fail-safe. Your site's backup is stored in the cloud and is available whenever you need it.
  • A complete, low-cost solution. No need to purchase expensive security appliances.
  • No installation required. No network modifications - no service disruptions. The solution is transparent to you and your customers.