Kyplex Security Features

Kyplex Security is trusted by 4,000 e-commerce companies, financial, government and educational organizations and security experts.


FeatureStandardBusiness      CorporateDeveloper
$189 per Year or
$19 per Month
1 Site
$589 per Year or
$59 per Month
3 Sites
$989 per Year or
$99 per Month
10 Sites
Just $99

Multiple Sites
Max Pages100 pages1,000 pages10,000 pagesUnlimited
Security Assesment ReportEvery 2 weeksEvery WeekUnlimited10 Reports
Kyplex Snapshot service
Automatic Daily Snapshots    
Total number of snapshots7770
FTP/SFTP Backup & Recovery    
MySQL / PostgreSQL / MS SQL Backup & Recovery    
Total Storage1 GB10 GB30 GB 
Website Crawler features
Distributed website crawler    
Extract links from robots.txt file    
Extract links from sitemap    
Extract links from JavaScript    
Extract links from flash files (sfw)    
Supports GET / POST requests    
Directory structure Brute-Force    
Supports HTTP/HTTPS authentication    
Website Malware Scanner
Daily Deep AV Inspection    
JavaScript Sandbox / Deobfucator    
Support for Multiple AV engines    
External Links validation    
Quick Hourly AV Scan    
Check for DNS modifications    
Check for Whois modifications    
Google Safe Browsing validation    
Security scanner : zero day bus detection
Cross-site script injection (XSS)    
OS Command Injection    
SQL command Injection    
Buffer overflow attacks    
Integer overflow attacks    
Remote file include injection (RFI)    
Local file include injection (LFI)    
Code injection    
Weak password detection    
Forceful redirect injection test    
Format string injection    
Source code disclosure    
Using website as a mail proxy    
HTTP Protocol vulnerabilities    
Discover web application generic errors    
File and Directory traversal attack    
Validate known security bugs    
Directory content Brute-Force    
Security scanner : sensitive file discovery
Archive files    
Configuration files    
Password files    
Backup files    
Database backup files    
Security scanner : sensitive information gathering
Web server fingerprinting    
Whois information    
CMS version disclosure    
Directory listing validation    
Apache mod_security detection    
Detect publically accessed web statistics    
Discover sites hosted on the same IP    
Email address disclosure    
OS full path disclosure