Kyplex Website Antivirus

It can happen at any time. A sophisticated hacker can embed a malicious Javascript on one of your website pages, infecting your clients and putting your site's reputation at risk. Soon, your customers will begin seeing frightening messages, like this one:

Once Google finds malware on your pages, your website - and your business - will be removed from Google's organic search results.

With Kyplex, you'll discover malware on your website before Google does. Your on-line business is secured.

Working from the cloud, the Kyplex Website Antivirus detects viruses, malicious javascripts, Trojan horses, iframe redirects, and other kinds of malware in your site. No need to modify your network or site configuration!

In the event of malware discovery, Kyplex sends an SMS message to your telephone.

Cleanup is no problem with Snapshot, Kyplex's website backup and restoration service. Kyplex offers unlimited both manual and automated recovery. Snapshot makes automated recovery easy with daily website and database backups, and one-click rollback.

Kyplex Website Malware Scanner Features

  • Daily deep website malware inspection.
  • Quick hourly antivirus scan.
  • Check for Whois modifications.
  • Javascript sandbox.
  • Check for DNS modifications.
  • External links validation.
  • Google Safe Browsing validation.
  • Multi-homed server testing.

In addition to website malware scanner, Kyplex offers the following services:

  • Security Seal.
  • Security Scanner.
  • Website and Database Backup.