How does it works?

Kyplex offers both manual and automated malware cleanup and removal services. Automated cleanup is no problem with Kyplex Snapshot, Kyplex's website backup and restoration service. Snapshot makes automated recovery easy with daily website and database backups, and one-click rollback.

Manual Recovery

Need to clean malware damage? Need to remove malware from your website? If you aren't using our Kyplex Snapshot backup service, we can still help! Just sign up for one of Kyplex plans, and let us do the rest:

  • Detect infected files.
  • Detect webshells and other black-hat tools.
  • Clean infected files from virus code.
  • Report containing a list of files that were modified.
  • Advice on how to avoid further infection.

Automatic Recovery

Every day, Kyplex Snapshot backs up your website, building a mirror image of the site, and storing it on our cloud-based server. When Kyplex Website Antivirus discovers a virus infection or other malware on your site, just go to Snapshot and restore yesterday's backup. No need to rebuild the site! Just restore the image with a single click.

Kyplex Snapshot is modular and flexible:

  • Restore what you need - from a single file or table, to the entire web site.
  • Snapshot lets you compare between file and table versions so you can see what has changed.
  • Kyplex stores seven daily backups for your website.